About Us

Once upon a time a girl cried in despair
“The formal’s two weeks away and I have nothing to wear!

I’ve searched throughout Adelaide. The gowns all look the same:
Boring and tired and just a little bit lame.

The girl appealed to her friends: “Oh what should I do?”
They cried, “Go to Melbourne! That’s what we’ve had to do!”
But the girl knew this was crazy and too expensive by far.
Why wasn’t there somewhere that she could reach in a car?

And just when she thought that her world would now end,
she was quietly passed a note by a friend.
It said: “I know how you’re feeling, I completely understand,
and for just this reason, I’m going to give you a hand”

You need afterDark. It’s so simple you see.
No one knows it exists, but it’s the place to be
With dresses from America, not your average frocks.
It has amazing designs and unique fashions stock!
The girls thanked her friend and raced to the store,
such designs and colours she had never seen before!


One of the staff then approached her with a smile,
“What formal are you going to? We must send you there in style!”

The girl tried on every dress that she could possibly be shown
And, although she loved them all, she finally found her gown

But as she approached the counter, the girl remembered her friend
What if she had chosen the same dress? Could this be the end?
“Don’t worry” said the assistant “For I own this store,
I’m only 21 and I’ve been through this before
I, like you, found no dress that would stun
There were no original styles, nothing sassy, nothing fun
I went to my formal in a gown I designed,
but I knew then and there that Adelaide’s fashion was a crime
I realised that ALL girls deserved to wear something unique;
something that brings out their style and flatters their physique
So now I have a mission: Stunning fashions I pursue!
I’ve searched the world over to bring them here to you
But to make everything fair, so that no one is the same,
We keep a logbook of each dress we sell: Where it’s going and your name
So now there’s no need to worry about what dress your friend will wear.
I have it on my list and it’s that one over there!”

The girl went to her formal and dazzled them with pride
All her friends stared in wonder “What a dress!” they cried
And when the night was over, the girl knew she’d made her mark
And she whispered to herself “Oh thank you afterDark.”